Founded 1965

The Denver Roadsters club is one of the longest operating car clubs in the state of Colorado. Dedicated to the open Roadsters sold prior to 1938, the foundation of the original Street Rod movement.


  1. To conduct club operations and activities in such a manner as to bring about a more clear understanding and respect of organized street rod activities as viewed by the public, other car groups, the press, and law enforcement agencies.
  2. To organize for the preservation of open street Roadsters, initially sold prior to the 1938 model year, which represented the foundation of the original street rod.
  3. To create a blend of car enthusiast interests and social interaction, while emphasizing good fellowship, friendship, and sportsmanship among the members.
  4. To uphold the principles of good government and ethical behavior.
  5. To promote safety on automobile maintenance and operation.
  6. To encourage the open exchange of ideas and discussion of mutual problems amongst Club members and like minded enthusiast organizations.


1974 ROD & CUSTOM Article on Denver Roadsters

The Denver Roadsters Historical Photo Gallery

Denver Roadsters Club Members of the Year
2000 Harold Gribosky
2006 Craig Augustin
2008 Rick Nelson
2009 Joe Marcus
2010 Cliff JOnes
2011 Gerry Fitzpatrick
2012 Craig Augustin
2013 Gerry Fitzpatrick
2014 Duane Helms

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